MIS2018: “Top 10” Medical Innovations: 2019

Cleveland Clinic’s Top 10 list of breakthrough technologies for the coming year has become an international sensation. Join us again as Dr. Mike Roizen and a panel of ten Clinic leaders roll out these much-anticipated selections. - By Cleveland Clinic
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  1. RNA interference – 2:20
  2. Mitral & tricuspid valve percutaneous replacement – 7:00
  3. Innovation in robotic surgery – 11:00
  4. Visor for pre-hospital stroke diagnosis – 15:53
  5. Virtual and mixed reality for medical education – 19:48
  6. Patient-specific products achieved with 3d printing – 25:47
  7. Advances in immunotherapy for cancer treatment – 29:54
  8. Expanded window for acute stroke intervention – 34:54
  9. The advent of AI in healthcare – 39:40
  10. Alternative therapy for pain: fighting the opioid crisis – 45:00
The 2018 Medical Innovation Summit gathered thought leaders, and their passion for healthcare, in downtown Cleveland to discuss the breakthrough technologies that will help us disrupt and reimagine healthcare.

MIS2019: October 21-23, 2019

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